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This server is set up to provide you with hardware hacks and information which are otherwise hard to collect or even not to find. So if you are searching for programmer's information regarding ancient CPUs, this is your place.

What you also can expect is hardware and software stuff either fully done by me or where I was involved in development.

Btw. do you remember which game the headline is taken from? :)

Suggestions, questions, acclamation, or simply curiosity about who that guy is you might want to place here:


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Shopping My private pages Not-so-private stuff

If you are searching for replacement chips for older synthesizers and samplers, please check here and drop me a note.

Also, feel free to contact me if you need to get your music machines repaired.

Searching for electronic music? Just check out the following:

  • DigIT Studios / MEMI

  • Here you can get the famous hiddentreasures CDs from the MEMI contests 1997 to 1999 as well as other publications from the DigIT artists. Yes, one of them even contains a track done by me ;)

  • Spheric Music

  • If you are interested in Electronic Music of the Berlin School style try out Spheric Music's range of products.

For the lawyers: The above two pages are not part of my web presence. I can and will therefore take no responsibility for any content found there.

  • Articles written by me

    Here you find articles I wrote for several magazines, mainly MEMI, the Magazine for Electronic Music on the Internet and GO64!

  • Ensoniq Heaven

  • Since Ensoniq refused to give any internal hardware information for the ancient Ensoniq synthesizers, I decided to do a bit of reverse engineering.

  • Casiorama

  • I wonder how many people are as mad as me and buy defective machines... In case you are in the same situation (or if your FZ-1 just shows up some abnormal behavior) have a look at this section.

  • Korg Zone

  • Since the 1980s, the Korg DSS-1 was on my wishlist. Having grown somewhat older, I finally managed to score one. If you're searching for alternatives to CQM disk dump transfer or just technical information, have a look.

  • Physiotherapie Oberderdingen

    My wife's business. Highly recommended!

  • Research page

  • If you are interested in my research activities. It is a bit outdated right now, but will be updated as time allows.

  • MEMI

    MEMI, the Magazine for Electronic Music on the Internet, once was among Germany's biggest online resources for electronic music. Dedicated to listeners as well as makers of electronic music. Somewhat dormant these days.