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Writing is one of my hobbies. Hopefully, one day it will be more than just for fun.

Until now I've written various articles for MEMI, the Magazine for Electronic Music on the Internet, and the German Lotek64 and Go64! magazines featuring vintage home computers.

Of MEMI I'm co-publisher since 1999, for Lotek64 I'm a staff editor since late 2004, and for Go64! I was staff editor between 1998 and 2001. I'd love to get in contact with other magazines as well such as design&elektronik where I've written an article for the CPLD Developer's Conference 1999 which was printed in issue 6/99 of this magazine, or the Keys magazine where I was featured and subsequently was able to place an article back in 2000.

Between March 2001 and its discontinuation in December 2001 I was a freelance writer for the Gruner & Jahr ComputerChannel contributing several articles.

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Articles about me

Articles I wrote for the Lotek64 magazine
Articles I wrote for other magazines

  • Ein Copper für den C64
    printed in Lotek64 #61 (12/2020),
    pp. 14-17

  • Vom Abenteuer, einem Microcontroller das Programm zu entreißen
    printed in Lotek64 #50 (11/2014),
    pp. 20-22

  • Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht
    (20 Jahre Pentium)
    printed in Lotek64 #46 (09/2013),
    pp. 18-20

  • DTV64 — (k)eine runde Sache
    printed in Lotek64 #16 (12/2005),
    pp. 19-20
    (Commentary by Tim Schürmann)

  • Der kleine PET: Eine Reparaturgeschichte zur Weihnacht
    printed in Lotek64 #16 (12/2005),
    p. 11
    (Pictures and Schematics by Dr. Georg Acher)

  • C-One: Die ganze Geschichte
    printed in Lotek64 #15 (10/2005),
    pp. 13-16
    (Interview by Jens Bürger)

  • Hardwarebasteln anno 2005 — nichts für Weicheier?
    printed in Lotek64 #14 (06/2005),
    p. 10

  • Waiting for Connection
    (Part 2: Atari ST)

    printed in Lotek64 #14 (06/2005),
    pp. 14-15
    (supporting Jens Bürger)

Published through Digital Magazin, Aktuelle Beiträge zur Informationstechnologie
  • Glossar: @bc des Internets, printed in issue 3/96, pp.26-28 (in cooperation with Helmut Schmerber)

Printed in design&elektronik

  • Cloning obsoleter Baugruppen mittels programmierbarer Logikbausteine, printed in issue 6/99

    PDF version for download

Published through ComputerChannel, der Online-Computerguide
(in order of Appearance since March 2001)

Published through KEYS, Magazin für Musik und Computer

  • Retro Zone: Ensoniq SQ80, printed in issue 8/2000, pp.98-102 (in cooperation with Ingo Gebhardt)
  • Kurztest: E-mu Xtreme Lead 1, printed in issue 10/2000, pp.46/47

Published through MEMI, the Magazine for Electronic Music on the Internet

Published through Amazona, Online Magazine for Synthesizer & Homerecording

Articles I wrote for the Go64! magazine

Individual Articles

MIDIBASIC V5 (Program Explanation), printed in issue 4/98 
MIDI programming course, printed in issues 5-8/98 
Editorial of issue 7/98 
Editorial of issue 11/98 
SIDstation report, printed in issue 3/99 
WorldWatch Column, printed in issue 4/99 
The last ressort (CMD), printed in issue 5/99 
HardSID report, printed in issue 5/99 
Editorial of issue 10/00 

Monthly Column "World Watch"

5/99: Adopting the ISA bus for the Commodores
6/99: Great Websites: Andre Fachat's 8Bit Pages
7/99: Great Websites: MJK's C64 Page
8/99: Great Websites: FuNET Commodore Archive
10/99: Graphics Formats
11/99: USB - The Universal Serial Bus
12/99: Building an FPU for C64/128
1/00: Graphics Adapters - SVGA for the C64?
2/00: Amateur Radio with the C64
3/00: Printer Types and History
4/00: Computer Games through Time
5/00: Data Digitizing
6/00: New Life through Chip Cloning?
7/00: C64 goes Ethernet
8/00: Buses for Storage Systems: SCSI vs. IDE
9/00: cc65 - a C Crosscompiler for the Commodore64
10/00: New Frontiers: A report from the Leibnitz Supercomputing Center
11/00: Anatomy of Microprocessors a few more which I was too lazy to upload yet :)