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Some people say I should play the instruments instead of digging inside their hard- and software. Maybe they are right - but on the other hand, only if you learn it the hard way you will be able to repair and maybe upgrade your machinery.

Anyway, here are some bits & pieces about the Casio FZ-1.

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Service Area Technical Information
ROM Dumps
ROM #1 (FZ1S)
ROM #2 (FZ2S)
How to replace the FZ-1 disk drive by an ordinary 3.5" PC HD drive.

When your FZ-1 keyboard jams the whole machine...

Upgrading your FZ-1 to 4 Megabytes using standard 30pin SIMMs (case study)

Adding an IDE-Interface to your FZ-1 for (easy?) hard disk access (case study)

Replacing the 96x64 display by a VGA display (includes new display controller, additional video memory area plus ROM patches)

The FZ-1 Toolkit: Reading and Writing FZ-1 disks under Linux (heavily alpha, includes handling of FZF dumps)
Change a PC disk drive to read original FZ-1 disks
Schematics & Service Manual

Main board schematics
Service manual

Documentation of ICs
uPD765 (Floppy Controller)
Programming Information for 765 and its successors

uPD72055/8255 (I/O Controller)

uPD72016/NEC V50 (Microprocessor)
Programming Information for NEC V50

MB87186 (DCF/DCA)

Some thoughts on the display controllers (HD44350/351)
OS Documentation