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Research Activities

Research & teaching activities
Trying to reach me?
Since 1998, I have worked for various universities and research institutes. Since moving the research pages not always went smoothly, this page here will be the "forever" page of my past and present professional research activities.

Suggestions, questions, acclamation, or simply curiosity about who that guy is you might want to place here:

To fight spam, I'm running RBL-based filtering and Greylisting, so if your ISP's mail server is blacklisted or doesn't play according to the SMTP RFC, you might encounter bounces.

While my daytime employment is with a privately held research company for quite some time now, I'm still connected to university spitting out papers every now and then. The results of that you can find here.

Some of that refers to my former activities which you still can find here. As time allows, I shall migrate the content of this page and update it.