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Some years ago I was lucky to acquire what was offered to me as the last existing stock of original Mirage, ESQ1, and SQ80 supplies. This is all so-called new old stock, i.e. not parts cannibalized from defective, pre-used machines but virgin stuff from an authenticated repair center.

Meanwhile, some of that stuff became sold out, so you will also find rev-engineered replacement parts below.

Please preferrably send plain text emails.

Item Description Price
8-Bit EPROM programming Programming an 8-Bit EPROM with content of choice. Ask for supported types first. 5
16-Bit EPROM programming Programming a 16-Bit EPROM with content of choice. Ask for supported types first. 10
EPROM erasing Erasing user-supplied EPROM prior to reprogramming (not for OTP-EPROMs)
Please note that used EPROMs might not always be reprogrammable but expose stuck-at faults.

Item Description Used in Price
10957 Alphanumeric Display Controller
(16 chars)
10957P-50 / A8203-15
ESQm 49
65000-1 Keyboard controller
1380 65001 / R1107-11
Mirage 39
65000-2 Keyboard controller
1380 65002 / R1120-12
ESQ-1, SQ1 out of stock
65000-3 Display controller
1380 65003 / R1121-11
ESQ-1, SQ80 ask
very limited quantities left
BMD65003 Display/Panel Controller Kit
functionally compatible with 1380-65003
contains processor, adapter PCB, and sockets/pin headers.
Usable with original display assembly or HD44780-compatible display unit.
Assembly required. Installation video
ESQ-1, SQ80
(not suitable for VFX/TS/SD)
49 (currently sold out -- in case of enough demand, I can do another batch)
5503B DOC Soundchip Rev. B
5503000301 / ICS 1261
Mirage DSK-8
(for use with piggyback PCB Mirages)
5503D DOC Soundchip Rev. D
5503000301 / ICS 1261D
Mirage, SDP-1, ESQ-1, ESQm, SQ80 39
2681 DUART ESQ-1, ESQm, SQ80 9
68B09E CPU Mirage, SDP-1, ESQ-1, ESQm, SQ80 19
CEM3328 4-pole LP VCF Mirage, SDP-1 19
CEM3360 Dual VCA ESQ-1, ESQm, SQ80 ask
CEM3379 Analog Voice Processor ESQ-1, ESQm, SQ80 39

Misc Parts
Item Description Used in Price
cbl-crt ESQ-1/SQ80 cartridge connector flatcable ESQ-1, SQ80 5
cbl-ddsk Mirage DSK disk drive connector flatcable Mirage (DSK-1, DSK-8) 5
cbl-deps EPS disk drive connector flatcable EPS 5
cbl-dsq SQ80 disk drive connector flatcable SQ80 5
dpy-esqm Vacuum fluorescent display
(1x16 char / 14-seg. VFD)
ESQm 39
dpy-esq Vacuum fluorescent display
(NEC FIP80BSR 2x40 char / 14-seg. VFD)
ESQ-1, SQ80, VFX, SD1, TS10/12 out of stock
psu Power Supply Unit
(excl. transformer, refurbished)
ESQ-1 out of stock